We are about to start our 2014 field season, slowly, tomorrow. The community continues to be supportive of our work and we hope it remains this way. We will first re-visit the areas of proposed excavation to assess their condition and if the conditions are favorable, we begin to lay out a grid. More as actual fieldwork begins.

On a more personal note I can say that it is surprisingly cold in the field house and this, I hate. Sometimes it is warmer outside than inside. This is also the first time I head back into the field without our son on our backs, so pumping milk with batteries in the field will be an interesting (but I hope a successful) experience… hopefully I won’t have to explain to the local workers why I wonder off for a little while a couple of times a day. Batteries are charged and I now leave you to prepare my backpack, now with a few other items I had never before included in my field pack.

Here is hoping for a productive, positive, successful, and peaceful field season!