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Three weeks in and getting busier by the minute

This is part of our on-going work cleaning up and excavating around a very large (to say the least) looter’s trench that cut this mound in half (reportedly in 1935). We are working to clean up the exposed profile to get a good sense of the antiquity of the structure, the various periods of occupation, construction, and so forth and to understand the construction methods used at Cerro Jazmin. We have so far six different stucco floor layers identified.

Our work will continue. There is SO much to do and our team is starting to find its rhythm quite nicely. On a personal front, as a mom going back to fieldwork with a now 11 month old, I am now completely used to pumping breastmilk in my tent during my lunch time and this activity is now just part of the normal work day for me and everybody around. My son in the mean time at the field house is enjoying quality time with grandma.

*(Gracias mama, tu ayuda hace posible que pueda yo trabajar en lo que me gusta, en arqueología y en campo).