Phase 2: excavations


For Phase 2 we are conducting a series of field seasons devoted to archaeological excavation of residential, civic-ceremonial, craft production, and agricultural areas to learn about the city’s local and regional function and prominence as reflected on monumental architecture, residential areas, and agricultural terraces. The project also investigates Cerro Jazmin’s involvement in regional trade networks and socio-political interactions spheres by looking at lithic, faunal, ceramic, and botanical remains, some of which come from faraway places (marine shell and turquoise for example). Our excavations will also target domestic contexts to learn about the economic and activities of high- and low-status households and their quality of life.

To pursue these larger research goals our project asks:

  1. What civic-ceremonial, socio-political, and economic activities can be identified through excavation at different sectors of Cerro Jazmín?
  2. What functions did contour and lama-bordo terraces serve within the urban system?
  3. What impact did Mixtec urban centers and their terracing have on surrounding landscapes?
  4. How did periods of urban occupation, abandonment, and re-occupation relate to the changing fortunes of high- and low-status housheolds and to broader transformations in socio-political interaction spheres and trade?
  5. What functions did Cerro Jazmín serve for its surrounding region and how do these functions relate to the city’s long history of intermittent, and persistent occupation?

We have obtained a grant from the National Science Foundation to conduct this research.

NSF logo

We have so far completed the first field season of excavation in 2013, with two more in the following years.

Preliminary results will be posted here as they emerge on this page, so stay tuned.


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